"I haven't been myself since my baby was born...
Maybe this even started when I was pregnant.
What's wrong with me?...I feel like I'm going crazy!
Will this ever end?"


Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders is a real illness that affects 1 in 5 women during pregnancy and/or after the birth of a child. Symptoms may include:

+  crying
+  sleep problems (insomnia/excessive sleeping)
+  trouble with eating
+  anxiety/panic attacks/scary thoughts
+  feelings of anger/irritability
+  overconcern/underconcern for baby
+  intrusive repetitive thoughts or mental pictures
+  reliving past trauma
+  feelings of guilt and worthlessness
+  feeling overwhelmed/unable to cope
+  loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed
+  fear of harming baby or yourself

If you believe you or someone you know is suffering from a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder, including postpartum depression, help is available.

You are not alone!  We offer FREE healthcare referrals, educational pamphlets, support group referrals and much more.

Toll-free State-wide Helpline 855-631-0001 or 631-422-2255 (Hablamos Español) available Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm, with additional support from the Postpartum Resource Center of New York’s trained volunteer Moms on Call and Family Support from 9am-9pm seven days a week.

Our website provides 24/7 access to educational information in print, media coverage, suggested books, additional internet resources, events, volunteer opportunities. Our FREE Postpartum Resource Center of New York’s Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders State-Wide Resource Directory is available on-line or maybe downloaded and printed for your convenience. This directory is updated monthly.

Postpartum Depression video from the National Institutes of Health

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In New York State please
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For help outside of New York State and the United States,
please contact the Postpartum Support International.
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